Yoga classes with rhonda


Semi-Private Group Classes


Lets reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen bones, become more flexibility, sleep better, build balance, think more clearly but most importantly... have fun. This class is geared toward the mature yoga student so you feel comfortable in "your" class.  

Sessions are 60 minutes 

(one-month commitment)  

Limited to 2-4 students per class. 

Private Sessions


If you are new to yoga; have limitations due to health, age, or any other factor.

Private Yoga is perfect, practice is designed to meet your needs. 

We meet privately at my studio in Guelph.

Sessions are 60 minutes 

(one-month commitment) 

1 - 2 students per session

Restorative Yoga


Participants achieve both mental and physical relaxation by using various props to support their bodies. The result is deep rest and well being. 

Restorative yoga is a gentle form of yoga, accessible to a substantial variety of age groups and special populations.

Wednesday's @ 6:30pm

$20.00 - 60min class

1-4 students per session

Yoga for Hikers/Runners


Hike/Run Farther, Stronger, Tougher

With it's focus on strength, endurance, and flexibility, combined with a deeper understanding and awareness of the body to prevent and recover from injuries, yoga is an ideal complement to your time on the trail or running routine.

Yoga for Trauma


Trauma is a pervasive fact of modern life.

How you handle trauma greatly influences the quality of your life. 

Empower yourself and learn to use the tools of pranayama, meditation and asana to complete the cycle of trauma already existing in your physical body. 

Outdoor Group Classes


Try practicing any yoga pose on a rocky cliff, an uneven grassy lot, a sandy beach or even in the snow and you’ll feel the difference between a yoga studio and the outdoors immediately. 

The difference in getting out of the yoga studio and into nature is about developing more mindfulness to feel balanced in any situation. It’s about really taking your yoga off of your mat and into the world where everything isn’t perfectly shaped or protected from the rest of the world in a small room.